Bubu - The Daydream Elevator (NEW UPCOMING ALBUM)!

Heya my good fellas!

Well.. new release soon! 8 Tracks!!



New Kubbi album - Sleet


holy tits!!

Today is the day we’ve all been patiently waiting for. The new Kubbi album ‘SLEET’ is now officially released!

You will find the download link at the bottom of this post.

I want to thank all of you who joined the awesome premiere yesterday evening. it was magical and inspiring. To those of you that missed out, I hope to see you next time ; )

The album is Pay-what-you-want no minimum!

Hope to get some feedback on it, so if you have anything about the album on your mind, POST!

Sleet by Kubbi

RAT SLICER II - The Mysterious Self Transmogrification of KOOL SKULL

Check out the new new ablum from KOOL SKULL, it’s titled “RAT SLICER II”.

Really great stuff, especially the Tracks which are supported by his Voice are really strong and well masterd!

And because Mr. KOOL SKULL is such a nice guy, just name your freaking price for this piece of art ♫



Jentu is making an album

First of all, you’re probably asking “Who the heck is jentu and why should I care?”  I’ll get to that in a bit, but first, I’d like to tell you who I am and what I do.

My real name is Alex and I am in college at University of North Carolina at Asheville.  Though I’m not a music major, I am a new media major specializing in sound/video/design. There’s just so much musical talent here (and all the elitism that comes with it) so I was really worried about creating my first album for a while.  I have taken piano lessons for over 10 years so you may be able to hear classical/baroque themes in my music.  Classical music feels very organized to me and so does a lot of chiptune songs.  That’s one thing that really interests me about chiptunes.  Due to the limits of the sound chip, that leads to really magical things in the community.  If one can strive in a limited environment, that shows true talent. (similar to writing a great piece on the piano) An artist that uses nice sounding samples and has unlimited resources is a nice aspect, but it creates so many variables in music.  A guitar could sound one way and the whole music genre could change.  But chipmusic is different.  It puts every artist on the same (or a similar) level.  The playing field is even.  It’s such a simple solution to the cacophony of sounds that we hear every day.  2 pulse channels.  1 wave channel. 1 noise channel.  Hearing what people make with these limitations make chiptunes very beautiful to me.

That’s why I’ve decided to create my first album.  I’ve made music before but I’ve never really had direction as much as I have with chiptunes.  I hear the music in the community and I have such a strong competitive nature that I feel the need to make something amazing.  Even if it kills me.

Now for why I am telling you all this: I started a kickstarter campaign a few weeks ago and there is less than 2 weeks left to back my first album. I know what you’re thinking… $1000 seems like a lot for a chiptune hobby.  I assure you that most of that is going to be used to make physical copies of the album (and ship them) and various other things that I can do for you guys.  The rest of the money will go toward getting another DMG or Nanoloop.  If you back, it’s similar to pre-ordering my album and it would be really awesome if you could help me out. 

Here’s the link if you feel like backing my project.


Even if the kickstarter fails, I will still end up making the album and I will put it on my Bandcamp page.  If you feel like listening to a little bit of my music before throwing your money around, feel free to listen to my songs on here or http://soundcloud.com/jaray

Thank you for your time!  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I’d be happy to help anyone out with anything.