Sunday! Awesome End of Summer Webshow!

Summer’s nearing and end and I wanted to have one last big blowout before we go back to the grindstone, and us young ‘uns go back to school.
Head to the Facebook Event for more info:

Starts at 8:00, each performer has a 30 minute set, ends whenever frostbyte passes out at the computer (he’s going last cuz he’s got some stupid game or something to go to that night)

pre-party cool stuff with

Stormblooper! 7:15 ET (4:15 PT) (
Datacats! 7:30 ET (4:30 PT) (
8:00 ET (5:00 PT) Solabear (
8:30 ET (5:30 PT) *Bitman (
9:00 ET (6:00 PT) *Cooshinator (
9:30 ET (6:30 PT) *Shanebro (
10:00 ET (7:00 PT) *Parallelis (
10:30 ET (7:30 PT) *Alex Powrs (
11:00 ET (8:00 PT) *Auxcide (
11:30 ET (8:30 PT) *Vince Kaichan (
12:00 ET (9:00 PT) *Frostbyte (
Bear & Walrus - Words From The Woods

Words From The Woods

Recorded in the woods of Maryland over the past year using all sorts of instruments.

CoOsHiNaToR’s NiKi MiNaJ fAnFiC eP
Updated News on FM Portable and the possibility of future VGMM Collaborations!

I am really happy that my FM albums, solo and collaboration alike have all been so well received and appreciated. Thank you so much for your warm support! It means a lot to get feedback from anyone, but especially those who are fellow musicians and chip enthusiasts!

Now, to the topic at hand :). You may be wondering what happened with FM Portable or why it hasn’t come out yet. Well, the truth is we have more than enough finished material. Perhaps too much! In fact, if we were to compile what we have it would almost be FM Possible 2!

Therefore, we are leaning towards putting out a series of smaller albums over a period of time so that people can have time to take in our new stuff leisurely. However, we still would like your input. What do you think would be best? One big album? Or a steady stream of smaller albums over time? Let me know in your comments bellow :).

On another topic that isn’t completely unrelated, I have started up a VGMM collaboration forum. Why? Well, a lot of people have asked me for a tutorial of sorts and while I thought about it…I discovered it already exists and that would be a bit boring anyhow. Just in case you want to check it out it’s here.

However, I think the best way to learn is hands on experince! So, why don’t we learn from each other by working together?

In here, users can submit song ideas :). My friends and I can take these ideas and attempt to flesh them out. As you download these files and load them into VGMM, you’ll be able to see first hand what we are doing and be able to mess with them yourself. That way, you learn by experince. If you have any questions, post them in the forum and I am right there to try and answer them. Everyone is welcomed, and no doubt it will be a lot of fun to share ideas while building and learning from one another and our collective musical influence.

If this really takes off, then maybe it will open the door for a Noichan VGMM compilation! I am pretty sure once you guys start getting the hang of things, you’ll be like me and get hooked :D.  Mise is new at this but has already started helping us to create some music, and it has been neat having a fresh perspective so I cannot wait to work with everyone and see what we can create together.

Don’t depend on me only to do everything though! If you want to be a part, jump in there and try :D. I’ll help when needed, and we’ll make something rad together.

So there you have it! Not only do we have plenty of material to release for a new album, we want to make even more and we’d like everyone who wants to learn VGMM to help us out. Let us know how you’d like to see our songs released, and I’ll see you all in the collaboration forums ready to make some more :D.

I know many of you would like to learn VGMM, and I know some of you must have unfinished ideas! So yeah, come on Noichan! Jump in, and let’s do this! :D


Vince Kaichan- On Thin Air

On Thin Air cover

Download here:

"This album is a sensory experience, if you close your eyes you feel yourself moving. Drifting… There’s so much feeling and emotion, one wonders how Vince Kaichan composed something that goes beyond just sound"

On Thin Air is four tracks of atmospheric fakebit, created with SunVox 1.6.4, Tweakybeat for iPhone, and a Korg Monotron, all because Vince was stupid enough to crack his DMG screen.

01 Northern Lights

02 Summit

03 Binary Lake

04 Floating on Thin Air

Check it out! I worked really hard on this release and I think it shows!

S.P.R.Y. - Natural Tendencies [Album Launch]

S.P.R.Y.’s newest album - Natural Tendencies - is now up for free download!  5 tracks of hard hitting LSDJ from the land of Cincy Chiptunes!

Natural Tendencies

Jredd’s Favorite Gems #1

Some of you may remember that I used to have a series of articles here called “Jredd’s Hidden Gems” In it, I basically looked for songs that were good that didn’t get much love on 8 bit collective while it was around. However there have been many factors that have changed things. 1. 8bc is now down. 2. Due to the recent awesome compilation album here and many other things like it, more people are getting some attention and that’s awesome. 3. However, in general the absence of 8bc makes just about everyone hidden to some degree, on the bright side that also makes just about anyone a potential gem to feature as well :).

I’d like to start off with one of my favorite NES artists around, and he’s just recently created something new so naturally I have to share it.

It’s an interesting track from Zan Zan. He really has a style all his own. Intricate melodies, excellent sound design, and crisp DPCM samples used very creatively make this one a real joy to listen to. Highly recommended! Just look at his song titles. Who knew four letter words could sound so good? :P

Next up, it’s yet another favorite artist that I am quite glad to see make a return. It’s cartoonbomb!

Strong melodies, tight grooves, and just the right amount of post processing at the right time. His style just oozes polish. Floaty leads with delay, strong thumping bass, and a time signature change at just the right moment to keep things fresh the entire way through. It makes this a no brain-er as to why his song is here. Go listen to it, you’ll be glad you did :).

For my last pick, it’s going to be a bit unorthodox but I did say “anyone” can be a favorite! As you all well know, Groovemaster303 is a good friend of mine but he also happens to be a hell of a musician himself. That’s why for my last pick I choose a remix of a song he did that just so happens to be one of my songs! Talk about an almost sure fire way to be a favorite! It’s shameless self indulgence I know, but with all the works in progress we share with one another I suppose such a thing is almost inevitable. If you liked the original “Neon Star Field” then you’re sure to enjoy this remix entitled “Neon Star Groove” I think I’ll just let this one speak for itself :).

Well I think that’s it for now :). I’m a bit rusty at writting articles so it feels odd yet good to post again. Oh, and if you liked that remix of Groove’s I’d suggest keeping an eye out on the releases page :). You never know what might pop up…

Yeah, I’ll leave it at that :D. Take it easy guys, and as always if you liked this article feel free to share it with friends.

Keep composing guys, you never know when you might become one of my favorite gems :).


Datathrash artists featured on The Creators Project
Dsv101 - Shark Attack EP [DMG005]

“Co-owner of Dmg Control, Dsv101, shows us once again how well he knows his jams. Written in a ridiculously short period of time, Shark Attack EP is a listen that doesn’t shame from experimentation, yet manages a steady dose of quality throughout. This blend of dance, thrash, and pure chiptune fury does nothing but punch listeners in the face. Not some wimpy punch that’ll knock them out for a few days and cause 80% blood loss. Like a punch that’ll make you all like, “Golly gee, why not another?” and then die a glorious death. Actually that’s not at all what this EP is like but heck; it’s free, and it’s chiptune, which are both good reasons to download something.”

Composition by David “The Vandal” Vandal Mastering and Art by Christian “The Calhoun” Calhoun



"With Nuclace’s new release, "CYHMN ##RELOAD THE BENJIS", he has created a style of chip that’s both relaxing and engaging. This release is the kind of release that you can chill to; you don’t have to dance, you don’t have to run to your room and cry because you stubbed your toe doing too many backflips on your surfboard. You just have to sit somewhere, put this on, and listen. Yet even with his laid back style, Nuclace manages to create a mix of sounds and beats that involves the listener and doesn’t make them want to run off a cliff (Take my word for it, not running off a cliff is a pretty good idea). So if you don’t feel like doing that, you should take a listen. If you do, then it’s your loss."